• Spherical profile (SA – multi config)
  • Thick 1.5 mm ABS plastic keycaps w/ double shot legends
  • Produced by Signature Plastics 🇺🇸
  • MX stem
  • Compatible with ANSI, ISO and nearly any custom keyboard in the universe



Three variations to select from – Alphas (Latin characters), Kobe (Hiragana characters) and Gaijin (hybrid).

Classic legends, Micons and the exclusive programmer/developer inspired Obnet (created by my friend Stephan Oblotzky) kits will be available. These should be versatile enough to cover the vast majority of popular layouts. If you have a Leopold/Race you’ll need the Exotic kit as well.

The Cyberdeck 2 and Synthwave M170 kits are direct tributes to GMK Laser – a remix consisting of Cherry legends’ style but with the spherical flat SA profile. The kit comes in the classic R3 configuration and it comes with extra keycaps to cover majority of the custom layouts!

The Ortho kits are designed to provide proper coverage for ortholinear keyboards such as the Planck/Preonic, whilst the 40s kit is available for 40% keyboards such as the Vortex Core and several custom ones.

The Ergo kit is available with generic legends.

Proper coverage for the United Kingdom and several Nordic countries is included through the UK/Norde kits. If you have a Colemak/Dvorak keyboard you’ll need the Colevrak kit. In case you have a Leopold, weird arrows or a Vortex Race the Exotic kit is an add-on for you.

All of the novelties from the Laser GMK project are available as well. I also included an all new Turbo kit in case you want to pretend that your keyboard has a Corvette 88’s dashboard speedometer (MPH). Accent and comfortable arrows are available as well, on top of the monolegends – for those who require more subtle legends.

All of the child kits seen above are a work in progress and your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please drop me a line and let me know what you think about the kits and keycaps included, as I will try my best to accommodate everyone’s requests.

Thank you very much for looking, let me know your thoughts!

See you s00n,

M170 🤖