Godspeed SA – Introducing the Genespeed Kit


In today’s Godspeed SA Round 2 news I would like to introduce a kit that I have been working on for a while.

The single most incredible achievement in human history is, in my opinion, the Moon Landing. Such feat was only feasible due to centuries of work, dedication and sacrifice of countless generations of scientists, workers and dreamers.

Every time I observe the Moon, it always amazes me. To think that we managed to travel to that place and walk on its surface. It is so incredibly far to us humans and to think about the distance – 384.400 km to be precise. We fought every single step into the way of getting there.

The sheer physics and math behind this accomplishment, preparation, improvisation, maybe a lit bit of a luck… Everything we ever did as a civilization resulted into what we did on July 20th, 1969 – we, as a civilization, traveled to the Moon and came back home.

Genespeed is a tribute to one of the most inspiring moments of this journey.

Following the accident of Apollo I where Astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee lost their lives in a fire, Flight Director Eugene Kranz gathered the team into a room and gave a beautiful speech that arguably changed the course of history.

The Genespeed kit is a streamlined and robust kit which covers all of the popular keyboards with a slick and elegant colorway.

14 - genespeed

Dedicated to Gene Kranz and all of those who gave their lives so we could land on the Moon.

tough and competent.png

Pulse GMK Keycap Set – Last day to order and 500 MOQ reached!


Quick talk, here’s some links:

And some news!

  • This weekend the project reached the milestone of 500 unities of Base kits sold!
  • In case you missed my last piece of news, the Base kit now has a R3 1.75u CTRL included for free;
  • First project to ever feature doubleshot Arabic kit;
  • Hangul is also available;
  • Mitolet (purple custom kit) is also available!
Current prices sheet!


If you enjoy this project please join now. The sales are going to close when this message is about 24 hours old.

Purchase Here

Thank you all very much for the support, talk to you soon!


The Rush colorway from MiTo DSA: Legacy is not Laser DSA

Laser GMK – Picture by Dasorevie

As the title suggests, the Rush colorway from MiTo DSA: Legacy isn’t the same as Laser GMK/SA. In other words, the Rush DSA keycap set is not Laser DSA. One may somehow end up thinking it is, but it is not. The colors are not the same and the inspiration behind these projects is also not the same.

If a friend of yours invites you to his home so he can show you his brand new Anne Pro 2 (Cherry MX Blues) with Laser DSA on it, you will be disappointed. Not because the keycaps look mediocre, they can arguably look that way depending on your personal taste. But you’ll be disappointed because the keycap set won’t be what you initially thought (Laser DSA). Who knows, maybe you are a sucker for DSA and wanted to see this “rare” edition of Laser. Perhaps you like Laser so much that trying it on DSA profile wouldn’t hurt. Despite your friend best intentions, in the end you will be disappointed.

In case this happens to you, your friend was either trying lure you to his home so you could have an enjoyable conversation about mechanical keyboards or he was tricked by somebody else – maybe somebody from Discord with second intentions, maybe a sketchy seller from /r/MechMarket or perhaps by his own eyes – into thinking that Rush DSA is Laser DSA. But as somebody who worked entirely alone in the conception of these projects, I can guarantee you that it is not.

In the event of the reader of this post still being doubtful, I present you a comparison picture displaying clearly, side by side, that Rush DSA is not Laser DSA.


Note that the color shades isn’t the same, the distribution of colors isn’t the same and even the theme is not the same. Briefly speaking, Laser is a cyberpunk/outrun inspired project whilst the entire MiTo DSA series (Legacy/Rush included) is inspired after Counter Strike weapons. Granted, one could argue that because these designs display cyan, purple and pink, all at the same time, then consequentially they are the same. But this is false and I can prove it with football.


If you observe the uniforms worn by both Brazilians’ and Australians’ national teams, you’ll be able to see a similar illusion (Rush versus Laser) taking place. Note that both selections sport the iconic green and yellow colors as their uniform colors. This doesn’t, however, automatically qualifies these both teams as being the same. Mostly because you don’t see football fans calling the Australia football team the one and only five times world champion. Never once in my life I have heard of Australians being made fun of because their national team got eliminated from the World Cup by a score of 7-1. In their home turf. Analogously, I can’t recall a single time people came to Brazil excited for seeing a kangaroo in real life for the first time.

In conclusion, I think it is now clear for everyone that the Rush colorway that was offered in the MiTo DSA: Legacy keycap set drop isn’t actually Laser in the DSA form. I hope this makes it clear once and for all that these two projects aren’t the same and if by chance you encounter anyone who thinks otherwise you can show him or her this post for clarification.

Keeb on,


Pulse GMK drop is live!


Just a heads up that the drop for the Pulse GMK keycap set is now live!

In case you are interested in the project, be sure to join as soon as possible so we can all enjoy great discounts!


Useful links below:

Some people inquired about custom deskmats, those are in development and my plan is to offer those once the keycap set ships – stay tuned for that either through my website or Instagram page!

Kind regards,

M 🦄



Laser ALT HP Mechanical Keyboard – Drop closes today! 🦄

Howdy fellow enthusiasts!

Just a heads up that the drop for this awesome keyboard is closing when this post is 12 hours old.

Drop Link!



What does each checkout option includes?

  • $190 – Case, diffuser, PCB, stabilizers, gray cable;
  • $208 – Case, diffuser, PCB, stabilizers, gray cable, and switches (Kaihua Box White or Kaihua Speed Silver);
  • $220 – Case, diffuser, PCB, stabilizers, gray cable, and switches (Halo Clear or Halo True);
  • $230 – Case, diffuser, PCB, stabilizers, gray cable, and switches (Cherry MX Blue RGB or Cherry MX Brown RGB);
  • For an extra $100 you will also receive the Laser SA – ALT Keycap Set, containing the exact keycaps to cover the keyboard.

Which switches are available?

What are the keyboard features?

  • Anodized CNC-machined aluminum frame
  • Exclusive purple color
  • 6º case angle
  • Fully programmable PCB (QMK)
  • Hot-swap switch sockets – change your switches without soldering
  • RGB lights
  • Translucent diffuser
  • Dual USB-C connectors
  • Weight: 43 oz (1,219 g)

I hope you enjoy this one, the keyboard is very well made and it check the boxes when it comes to high end features that are popular in our community!

Thank you for checking it out!

M 🦄

Laser SA pre-order ends today & PSA!


Just a reminder that the Laser SA drop is closing today, so hurry up and place your order if you haven’t already!

⚠️If you use PayPal and you changed kits during the drop, please cancel your initial order entirely and place a new one with the desired final kits. Make sure all kits you want have been added to your cart because all orders are final. Once the drop closes, nothing can be added or removed from your order.⚠️

In case you want to join the drop you can refer to the links below:BUYRENDERS

The Laser Season is in full force, we even have a custom made keyboard!


Stay tuned in my Instagram for more news, announcements and updates. As always thank you very much for the support and if you have any questions please go ahead and drop me a line!

See (many of) you soon! 👀