Here it is! A follow up to the DSA Series (Sci-Fi & Overcast), this time celebrating the Icarus Fell and Neon Rider Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive weapon skins! As a bonus, the original PuLSE keycap set is being offered as well, but this time on the DSA profile. Good luck, have fun!

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Essential to every MX mechanical keyboard, there are three different options to choose from – Black/Zambloos from Pulse and the all new purple Rush colorscheme. Number monolegends are included for a minimal look, together with deep dish F, J and 5 homing keycaps.


Base Mods


Two options to choose from – Solace Base Mods (cyan) and Rush Base Mods (pink). Both kits include adequate keycaps to cover the standard 60% keyboards form factor and beyond. Extra keycaps such as the 1.25u SHIFT, 1.25u FN, 1.75u CTRL and symmetry tilde/backslash are included.


TKL Mods


Combined with a Base Mod kit, a TKL kit will cover standard tenkeyless form factor keyboards and beyond such as Filcos, Keycool and others. Both colorschemes are available – Solace TKL Mods and Rush TKL Mods.


Numpad Mods


Essential for standard 100% keyboards and standalone number pads, available in both colorschemes – Solace Numpad and Rush Numpad.


Extras Mods


These kits provide the necessary add-ons to cover the Vortex Core and non-standard 60%, Tenkeyless, 96% and 100% keyboards – such as various Razer, Cooler Master, Corsair and custom made keyboard models. There are appropriate non-standard add-ons to complement different bottom rows and off-center CAPS LOCK mounts. The correspondent Base Mods kit and prefered Alphas must be included for complete coverage of a non-standard keyboard. Available in both colorschemes – Solace Extras and Rush Extras.


40s Mods


For the majority of 40% keyboards such as JD40, JD45, Minorca, MiniVan, Sebright, Quark, Mobik, MechMini, MechMini 2 and various others, a 40s Mods kit combined with Alphas kit is enough. Also available in both colorschemes – Solace 40s and Rush 40s.


Ortho Mods


The Ortho Mods kits are available to properly cover non-staggered keyboards, more notably the Planck and Preonic. The appropriate kits are available on both colorschemes – Solace Ortho and Rush Ortho.


Ergo Mods


The Ergo Mods kits are available to properly cover the standard layout of the ErgoDox and similar split keyboards. Available on both colorschemes – Solace Ergo and Rush Ergo.




Appropriately colored F1-F4 and F9-F12 keycaps, to alternate both TKL Mods kits function row colorschemes.




Covering the most popular Pulse colorscheme, these keycaps provide proper coverage for the Nordic, German and other European mechanical keyboard layouts. These can be paired with either Solace or Rush modifiers, but Norde alphas are not available in the Rush colorscheme.




Covering the most popular Pulse colorscheme, these keycaps provide proper coverage for the United Kingdom mechanical keyboard layout. These can be paired with either Solace or Rush modifiers, but UK alphas are not available in the Rush colorscheme.




Offered in 4 different color combos, these kits were designed to represent in-game action keybinds for the first-person-shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Iconic designs are provided celebrating the Icarus Fell and Neon Rider in-game weapon skins. There are weapons such as the assault rifles AK-47 and M4A4, the AWP sniper rifle and the Desert Eagle pistol. A complete grenade set is also included (HE, flashbang, smoke grenade, molotov, and decoy); together with a defuse kit; a C4 charge; a Karambit knife; movement arrows; reload icon and radio comm. For the PUBG aficcionados, the iconic frying pan is included. A color-matching iconic “REKT” keycap is also included in each kit, together with the official Tempo Storm ® logo.




The most popular PuLSE SA novelties are included in this kit – featuring the iconic PuLSE logo by Nico, together with the trash can and bullhorn designs made by me. There’s also a rider helmet, that I designed after the Biker character from Hotline Miami. Colorful funny accents for the ESC and ENTER keycaps are also included.





H, U, N, T deep dish keycaps are included in order to provide good referencing for non-standard layouts.



Extra colorful 6.25u spacebars are available. As for the Legacy colorscheme there are 3u, VE.A, 6u, 6.5u and 7u spacebar kits, in order to supply proper coverage to non-standard layouts.



Pulse teal and Rush pink blanks are included, per color – 2 x 1u, 2 x 1.25u, 2 x 1.5u and 2 x 1.75u.


Why aren’t the MiTo DSA: Sci-Fi and MiTo DSA: Overcast colorschemes available?

Offering all previous kits together with the new modern colorschemes would result in a logistical bottleneck, as the group buy would become very complex resulting in delays/fulfilling mistakes. At that point, the project would feature over 15 different colors and several different kits, resulting in a more expensive and complex product. Right now I don’t have enough firepower to offer these kits as a retailer, so a coordinated group buy needs to be arranged.

Will the previous colorschemes make a comeback?

Booth is working on it.

What is Solace and Rush, where these names came from?

These colorschemes’ names were conceived after the original in-game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins: Icarus Fell and Neon Rider. The Solace colorscheme is the exact same as PuLSE SA, while the Rush colorscheme features all new ABS plastic colors, mixed by the manufacturer per request based on the weapon skin tones, Pantones’ standards and my personal perception of colors.

Are these keycaps interchangeable with the previous MiTo DSA Series runs?

The keycaps can be mixed and matched not only with the MiTo DSA: Sci-Fi and MiTo DSA: Overcast keysets, but previous DSA keysets as well. Due to the modularity system implemented in this group buy, it is possible to purchase only the vital kits for a specific layout.

Merchandise & Comissions

From custom merchandising, sleeves, hand made artisan keycaps to stickers and other keyboard items, if you are interested in contributing with your talents and know-how, or using MiTo DSA Series (Sci-Fi, Overcast, Legacy) visuals on other products please drop me a message ( – I would love to hear your ideas and help you bring your vision to reality. Hopefully we can work together!

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