There will be several different options to choose from. For now, you can verify the Solar Alphas, the Rams (Nordic/Space Runes), Kobe (Japanese Hiragana) kit and the Kadet (Russian Cyrillic) kit.


The two classic colorways will be available – Apollo (blue) and Ares (orange). These full kits contain enough keycaps to complete both the regular and custom 60% keyboards, all the way to tenkeyless and winkeyless form factors. Are these kits ideal for you? What other keycaps do you need? Let me know!

The Micons are an exclusive iconography convention that I invented and designed, present on Canvas XDA, Pulse SA, Laser GMK and others. They are a retro futuristic aesthetic representation for keyboard symbols. All of the glyphs should theoretically be self explanatory and recognizable for the average computer user.


Standalone numpads are available in two different variations – Apollo (blue) and Ares (orange).

Minuteman – Monokit

The Minuteman Program engineering and mission control teams are working very hard in this mission.


Exclusive for the Apollo colorway which is the original Godspeed scheme, this kit is designed as a standalone Filco MiniLa modifiers kit, and it is also an add-on kit for a multitude of odd custom layouts.


These are standalone modifier kits for ortholinear keyboards, such as the OLKB Planck, Preonic, and several others. They are available in both colorways- Apollo and Ares. Are you fully covered with these? Let me know!


Available in both colorways, by request of the community those kits are universal and offer a multitude of classic legends.


International kits covering Nordic countries and also Germany plus the United Kingdom. There’s also a Colevrak DH compatibility kit. Colored coordinated keycaps are also available.


The Novelties kit come with the classic Godspeed logos, multitude of colorful keycaps related to space modules and Micons Accents. In the Space Race kit, the japanese legends mean SPACE PERSON (1u) and GODSPEED (2.25u). As for the russian, the keycaps read USSR (1u) and GODSPEED (2.25u).

Milky Way

Hand designed planetary, celestial bodies and space paraphernalia novelty logos, applied on color coordinated keycaps as a tribute to the Solar System and the human Space Exploration. There are 13 keycaps – enough to completely cover Esc + Function Row on 75%, tenkeyless, 96% and 100% keyboards or replace the entire Number Row on 60% keyboards. The designs cover the nine planets that orbit the Solar System, the Sun, the Moon, the Halley’s Comet and the Voyager I probe.


Hand designed astronaut novelty logos, applied on color coordinated keycaps as a tribute to the Apollo 11 crew, the protagonist character Mark Watney, played by Matt Damon on The Martian fictional book/movie, Toyohiro Akiyama the 1st person of Japanese nationality to fly in space and Yuri Gagarin – the 1st man to go to space.

Spacebars & Extras

Extra spacebar kits, depending on the specific layout one of these kits may be required. An alternate Frow kit is available. There’s also extra Arrows for those who need and a minimalistic Mono symbols kit, containing numeral characters and punctuation.

render galleryjebbra bullet



massdrop alt

zambumon verne

zambumon andromeda



I am working on new desk mat designs with my friend Mike from Novel Keys and there’s also these pins and stickers made by my friend Garret from Dixie.Mech! Would you be interested in those? Let me know what you think! I am also working on new exciting stuff including custom keyboards and other secrets, hope you’re excited!



What typeface will be used for the dyesub process?

The exact one with the same exact thickness and approximate color seen on the child kits and renders.

How thick are MT3 PBT keycaps?

About 1.8mm thick according to Matteo Spinelli, creator of this amazing profile.

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