Godspeed PBT MT3 – 5th Round of Updates & Minuteman kit revealed!

For today’s update – introducing the last kit that will be available in the Godspeed MT3 PBT keyset group buy that will start next Monday!


Minuteman is the first custom full glow in dark keycap set ever made. It is designed to mimic flying saucers’ glowing lights and it looks awesome with RGB backlighting and underglow keyboard UFO effects. Unlike the rest of Godspeed MT3, this kit is being offered in DSA profile, PBT material with dyesub space legends and hand designed novelties.

The kit has enough keycaps to cover 40% layouts all the way to custom tenkeyless 87 keyboards. It covers odd keyboards such as the Vortex Race and other custom ones that feature split spacebars.

Please take a minute to vote for the Massdrop project using the link below!

All support is appreciated and the community’s enthusiasm has been so positive. I can’t thank you enough for all the messages. Don’t forget to vote in the link above!

Let me know what you think about the kits and what tweaks you’d like to see, we are approaching liftoff and now is the time for last minute adjustments. 


Mission Control 🚀

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