This is Laser, a keycap set project to celebrate the 1980’s aesthetics and the Cyberpunk genre.

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Laser GMK – Short Story

The DMC across the docks wasn’t there when she left to pick dinner at Pho’s. The engine was cold, parked underneath the GMK and Pepsi quartz-halogen flood that lit the docks all night. It was bad news.

Her narrow shoulders hunched beneath the rain stained purple nylon windbreaker as she reached for the backdoor’s retina scanner. The lock was loose, somebody had breached in.

“Hayley Han…” she heard a voice.

“Now that’s a face I haven’t seen in a long time”, he said.


Technical Specs

  • Cherry Corp. profile (12344)
  • Thick 1.5mm ABS plastic and doubleshot legends
  • Produced by GMK electronic design GmbH, Germany
  • MX stem
  • Compatible with standard, ISO, FC660M, WKL, Planck, 40%, 65%, 75%, ErgoDox, etc

Included Kits


The base kit contains enough keys to complete a standard US ANSI and ISO, 60%, TKL, or a fullsized keyboard. Highlight accents for the Esc and Enter keycaps are also included, there’s also 6u and 7u spacabers, together with touch type F, J and 5 keycaps – little bars and scoops. The stepped and 1.25u keycaps for Caps Lock read Caps Loco. Feel free to request additions and changes, I’d like to mediate your requests and make this kit as pleasing as possible for the majority of you.

We initially had two different novelty kits, after extensive community feedback and design contribution I merged both kits into one. The balance between 1980’s and Cyberpunk references was kept and the included novelties (as you can see in the render above) are as following:

  • Classic retrowave sunset
  • A cyberdeck terminal
  • Brazilian DEX pill from Neuromancer
  • Ghost in the Shell Major’s neck neuralink
  • Bowl & chopsticks
  • Skull – same mold from Carbon GMK
  • Laser beam – same mold from Carbon GMK
  • Biohazard mycotoxin sign – same mold from Carbon GMK
  • Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma (spider tank) eyes
  • Rick Deckard’s Police ID logo from Blade Runner 
  • Ghost in the Shell Individual Eleven logo
  • Origami unicorn
  • Pac Man
  • Blinky, Pinky, Inky & Clyde
  • Space Invader’s alien
  • Atari joystick
  • Toyota AE86 (Hachi Roku) logo
  • Cassette tape
  • Stranger Things Eleven’s forearm tattoo
  • 80’s shades
  • RAD!
  • DeLorean’s flux capacitor from Back to the Future

There’s also a magenta sunset and a dashboard green Esc. A fuel orange WASD cluster was added in order to complement the Esc/Enter dashboard green keycaps, together with a magenta arrow cluster and the iconic pair of 1.25u 88 digital keycaps to ressemble the classic Windows logo while referencing Back to the Future as well. There’s also a pair of 1.25u DMC DeLorean keycaps.

Please take a moment to express what you’d like to see on Massdrop Talk Tab and/or Geekhack Interest Check discussion pages! If you have a vision, or an idea that you’d like to see implemented, please express and we can try to design it together! I put together an album with inspirational images of the 80’s pop culture that you can see in the slideshow below.

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A Norde kit with non-standard european characters and accents, this is an all-around kit that should work for most (let me know if not).

The ErgoDox and Planck blanks kit containing the modifiers for ErgoDox and Planck. It is possible to make a couple keycaps convex/concave so feel free to request modifications and inclusions if you’re bothered by the lack of ergonomics.

Extra 6u, 6.25u, 7u and the basic 40% spacebars, if you have a 40% keyboard you’ll most likely need this kit.

I’m going to offer a special alphas only hiragana kit, for the people who appreciate the japanese culture and it’s ties with the Cyberpunk genre. I’d like to request feedback about what’s your preferred version:

  • Gaijin – Latin Legends & Hiragana Sublegends
  • Hiragana – Hiragana Monolegends

You can see renders displaying each of the versions below, don’t forget to vote!

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Frequently Asked Questions

> Does [kit] include [keycap]?

All kits include only the keys pictured.

> I have an ISO board, which child deals would cover my board?

You’ll just need the Base Kit, if you have an Euro layout you’ll most likely need the Euro Kit as well.

> How do I cover my [keyboard]?

You’ll either need:

  • Base Kit
  • Base Kit + Euro
  • Base Kit + ErgoPlanck
  • Base Kit + Spacebars

As the novelties are entirely optional.

> Why this kit distribution?

I’m trying to achieve modularity with GMK, by offering the child kits exactly as we do with Signature Plastics – Alphas, Modifiers, TKL Modifiers, Numpad, Tsangan, etc.

However, currently, we only have the full kits as displayed.

> Are the Corsair Strafe and Logitech G710 covered?

No, you’ll need to use the stock 6.5U space bar.

Render Gallery

In the last render you can see the iterations that I went through when conceiving the cyberspace deck terminal design that you see present on the novelties. The goggles are an implementation of the original Case’s cyberspace deck terminal design from the Brazilian limited edition version of Neuromancerart commissioned by Josan Gonzalez.

In case you’re curious to know who Agent 88 is, for that you’ll have to wait and sea.

You can see some inspirational images about the theme in the slideshow below. It has photos from /r/Cyberpunk, illustrations, drawings and designs I found in the web during the years, as a big fan of this theme I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not the author of any of these photos, images and graphics that are present in this slideshow above. If you recognize your work and would like me to remove it, please drop me a message (

Merchandise & Commissions

I’m working with artisans, enthusiasts, writers, artists and the intended manufacturer in order to deliver the Laser GMK project to the community as a state of the art product. From custom cables and hand made keycaps to keyboard sleeves, a short story written by me and custom packaging, all sorts of stuff will be available. If you are interested in contributing with your talents and know-how, please drop me a message ( – I would love to hear your ideas and help you bring your vision to reality.


Special thanks to Xihn, Alexey and Nadrient for all the design feedback and contributions, Artur, Steph and Carlos and many many others that in one way or another are contributing and collaborating with me in this project, you know who you are!

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