00160% vs PuLSE SA - Round 2002003






Three distinct selections to pick from – regular legends, inverse color scheme and runic – like the Dieter Rams kit from Canvas XDA.






Three different options: either classic text or the all-new Micons convention from Canvas/Godspeed XDA. The Noire variation comes with Micons in an inverse colorscheme and it’s enough to fill a multitude of keyboards from 40%, 60%, 65% to TKL. There’s also the standalone numpad.

Hobbyist & Exotic





The Hobbyist kits are standalone kits for 60% keyboards and extension for TKL form factors and above. The Exotic kit is an extension for odd & snowflakey layouts.

Ortholinear & 40%





These are standalone modifier kits for ortholinear and 40% keyboards, such as OLKB Planck & Preonic, Vortexgear Core, Koob’s Pearl and several others.






Available in two different options – blanks & legended, these are standalone modifier kits for split keyboards such as Infinity ErgoDox, Kinesis and others.

Languages & Systems





Extension kits for international users, different languages, efficiency layouts and operating systems.






These kits provide the user with alternate options for keyboard ornamentation. There are logos from Nico Tzogalis in opaque and translucent options. The classic novelties made a return from the previous rounds, with the addition of the Cyan Cross and the t0m’s Skull. The Arrows kit comes with bold and ergonomic arrow options. There are communities coats of arms and also a monolegend number row, for a minimalistic look. For those picky users, there’s also an alternate colored function row.

Spacebars & Blanks





Extra spacebars to substitute shine or complement Alphas/Zambs/Rams, depending on the specific layout and kits selected. Also a small selection of Blanks to act as spacebars for Planck, etc.


27 - mitolete

This exclusive monokit is designed in the spherical profile configuration from Signature Plastics, for those who find the configuration too aggressive. Similarly to what I’ve done with Godspeed SA.

It features a custom recipe for the shade of violet with the resin pigmentation fine tuned by me – result of Legacy DSA & Laser GMK sampling phases.

The Mitolet monokit is designed to provide adequate layout coverage for some 40% keyboards and the vast majority of ANSI and WKL 60%, 65% and standard TKL keyboards – such as Vortexgear Core & Poker, Tokyo 60, Rama M60A, Tada 68, KBD 75, Coolermaster Quickfire TKL & Novatouch and many more. x









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Asset 27

From custom merchandising, sleeves, hand made artisan keycaps to stickers and other keyboard items, if you are interested in contributing with your talents and know-how, please drop me a message (mito.rmk@gmail.com) – I would love to hear your ideas and help you bring your vision to reality. Lots of community members got involved in the Laser GMK project, hopefully we can work together!

Creative Commons License

8 thoughts on “

    • Hey, just got into the world of mechanical keyboards and I only saw these a long after the drop had ended. Do you sell these anywhere other than Massdrop or do you know if/when they will be returning to Massdrop?



      • You are out of luck, the drop ended. You will have to buy from someone else an earlier round (try /r/mechmarket), or wait until round 3 drops in February (not sure if that is right I could be off by a month or two), and try to buy it from someone on /r/mechmarket then – or wait for a Massdrop keycap re-cap – but those are really a crapshoot.


  1. Hey Mito,
    is it possible to grab a matching cable somewhere? Preferable in europe.
    A friend just ordered and a fitting cable would make a great present.
    I am looking forward to your feedback.
    Best wishes


  2. I know this information is probably published somewhere obvious, but I’m having trouble finding it:
    What ABS color is that cyan that you use? Is there technical color code you could provide me?
    I’d like to put together a case to match, but I don’t have the caps yet to match against, and internet pictures aren’t always color-perfect, much less my monitor.


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