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2018 Retrospective & Happy New Year fam!

2019 Happy New Year background. Seasonal greeting card template.

The retrospective:

  • Laser GMK & Laser ALT

In late 2017 I finally launched the Laser GMK keycaps and what an incredible project it was for me. From the community interactions, all the way to the delivery of the keycaps during 2018, it was amazing. New kits, new molds, new technologies, there were so many challenges to overcome. The communication barrier, over 30 rounds of sampling, a fully written and illustrated short story, special clothing, several collaborations with I don’t even know how many community members and ultimately a trip to Germany so I could personally work on the colors and legends! I wish I could live this journey again and again… It was worth every minute. Coming 2019, I think it’s time to take the Laser keycaps to new heights.

There was the Laser ALT mechanical keyboard as well, it’s so cute! We developed this low profile fully hot swappable board in two colors, Purple Dusk and Pink Dawn. I also included a specially tailored Laser GMK keycap set especially for it – quite a steal!


  • Pulse SA Round 3 & Pulse High Pro CTRL

I launched the Pulse SA R3 by March and we wrapped it up by October, not too shabby for a spherical double shot project made in America. A heck ton of new molds, new intelligent, versatile and affordable kits! It was also a great opportunity to experiment with colors even more. The monokit “Mitolet” featuring a customized color recipe was a great success! I’m gonna be launching something very special for the Pulse in 2019, some stuff I have been working for a very long time including a rebrand. I also had the chance to work on the amazing CTRL project with Massdrop, we made a fully customized high profile Pulse keyboard!


  • Canvas XDA Round 2 and Canvas CTRL

Another round of the Canvas XDA, this one had to be done! More challenges to overcome, creating a dye sublimated keycap set is considerably more difficult than simply submitting colors for an ABS double shot project. In my opinion, creating an ABS keycap set can be very simple and straightforward since overall, the molds already exist. The focus can be directed to kit consistency, legends selection and colors. But when it comes to dye sublimation, it’s a whole new level. It is crucial to have crisp and clean legends, aligned templates, character by character! Hundreds of files, hundreds of samples and a lot of work to do! There will be new Canvas projects very soon.

Just like the Laser and Pulse projects, there was also a very special keyboard tailored especially for the Canvas keycaps – the low profile powder coated Canvas CTRL.

WmCptJBnQDmuGP4GpUiA_AI7B2637 copy

  • Godspeed MT3

The preorders for this one closed today and it was an incredible ride! Four different alphanumerical options, dual color way and icon variants were available. Coming from Godspeed SA and XDA, I am confident this will be the greatest version of Godspeed, at least for now! Wouldn’t be possible to offer this project without the overwhelming passion, support and enthusiasm from our community. If you are reading this, be sure this project happened because of people like you, and I can’t thank enough for that!


Happy New Year!

It is time to conclude one of the best years I have experienced, if not the best, and I would like to thank the entire mechanical keyboard community for being a part of my year and my life. The year of 2018 was an year of joy and evolution and I learned so many things. I learned a lot on a personal, human being level and also inside the hobby of mechanical keyboards. New skills, new methods and new challenges. I can’t wait to get things going for 2019, there are multiple exciting projects in the works! Keycaps, keyboards, and of course… ๐Ÿค

Talk to you soon, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!



Godspeed PBT/MT3 – All systems go, 12h to touchdown!

Catching dust!

Just a heads up to all the fellow enthusiasts, the Godspeed PBT MT3 keycap set preorders’ window is closing in ~12 hours. All kits are getting made regardless of the number of unities sold.


If you haven’t joined yet go ahead and double check your kits, payment information and place your order! After the window closes it won’t be possible to change or place any orders. We gonna be updating the price sheet with the discount tiers accordingly so stay tuned to the drop page!

MRMK - POrender_gallery_main

Ares - Closing Day

Thank you very much for the incredible and overwhelming support, it was a terrific run. We are working hard to deliver the keycaps and I hope you have heaps of fun once they come!

Good luck and Godspeed,


Godspeed PBT MT3 Keyset – Last week to preorder!

CAPCOM to Eagle I, do you copy?!

This month I launched the Godspeed PBT MT3 custom keycap set on Massdrop and the project has been very well received by our community! I am confident this is going to be the greatest version of Godspeed yet, there are so many combinations and exclusive kits available.



Some takeaways:

  • 2 kits or less to cover nearly any keyboard
  • The 1st full glow in the dark custom keyset kit ever made is available
  • Latin, Runes, Japanese and Russian keycaps up for grabs
  • Apollo/Ares Micons kit will work with ortholinear boards like the Planck
  • Lots of ISO options
  • At least 16 different styles are achievable before adding any novelties
  • Shipping June 19, hopefully sooner


Current numbers – last updated Dec. 21st:

Note that there are not MOQs, only ideal quantities so we can fulfill the orders more easily and efficiently. That said, don’t be afraid to add a particular kit to your order, it is almost guaranteed that all kits will be manufactured and delivered ultimately. In case a disaster happens, there will be a window for everyone to adjust their orders accordingly.

Thank you very much for checking this update and for supporting the projects. I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Keeb on,



Pulse Mechanical Keyboard – Preorders closing now!


Fellow enthusiasts!

Earlier this month I debuted my first custom made high profile tenkeyless mechanical keyboard through the Massdrop platform – the Pulse High Pro CTRL!



  • Almost 4.5 lbs (2 kg) heavy – premium CNC anodized aluminum frames;
  • 6 degrees inclination;
  • Fully programmable via QMK;
  • RGB and per key backlighting;
  • Hot swappable (no soldering required whatsoever);
  • Cherry style plate mount stabilizers;
  • Dual USB-C connection;
  • Compatible with all MX switches and clones.


  • $199.99 barebones (no switches, no keycaps);
  • $221.99 with Kailh Box White or Speed Silver switches;
  • $239.99ย with Halo Clear/True switches;
  • Three variations of exclusive Pulse SA keyset to pick from, for an extra $130.


This beast is gonna ship a year from now and I think it’s a steal for what it is.

Hope you enjoy the Pulse mechanical keyboard!

Keeb on,


PS: Have you seen Godspeed PBT MT3?

Godspeed PBT MT3 โ€“ 5th Round of Updates & Minuteman kit revealed!

For todayโ€™s update โ€“ introducing the last kit that will be available in the Godspeed MT3 PBTย keyset group buy that will start next Monday!


Minuteman is the first custom full glow in dark keycap set ever made. It is designed to mimic flying saucersโ€™ glowing lights and it looks awesome with RGB backlighting and underglow keyboard UFO effects. Unlike the rest of Godspeed MT3, this kit is being offered in DSA profile, PBT material with dyesub space legends and hand designed novelties.

The kit has enough keycaps to cover 40% layouts all the way to custom tenkeyless 87 keyboards. It covers odd keyboards such as the Vortex Race and other custom ones that feature split spacebars.

Please take a minute to vote for the Massdrop project using the link below!

All support is appreciated and the community’s enthusiasm has been so positive. I can’t thank you enough for all the messages. Don’t forget to vote in the link above!

Let me know what you think about the kits and what tweaks you’d like to see, we are approaching liftoff and now is the time for last minute adjustments.ย 


Mission Controlย ๐Ÿš€

Godspeed PBT MT3 – 4th Round of Updates and Cyrillic legends!

For today’s update – introducing the new Kadet! This nice kit with Russian Cyrillic alphabet was designed matching the typeface of the modifiers – hence it is visually compatible with both the Micons and Mods! I also added the Symmetry kit and fully revealed the Space Race and the Mitonauts kits!


There are tons of new renders on the project page as well!

The full update dispatch:

0 - dispatch 4

All support is appreciated and the community’s enthusiasm has been overwhelmingly positive. I can’t thank you enough for all the messages. Don’t forget to vote in the link above!

Let me know what you think about the kits and what tweaks you’d like to see.ย 


Mission Controlย ๐Ÿš€

Godspeed PBT MT3 – 3rd Round of Updates and JAXA Program!

s week we are introducing the Japanese legends! This kit was introduced in Laser GMKย and became a community favorite.

Everyday I’ve been collecting feedback provided on all platforms and until liftoff I will make weekly updates on Massdrop, this journal and my Instagram. This way everyone can keep up with the changes and request tweaks. Spread the word!

Without further ado, here’s the result of the 3rd round of tweaks and requests.

0 - dispatch 3The project is scheduled to go live in a couple weeks, if you’re interested be ready to partake in this new version of the Godspeed project! Make sure to vote for it in the link below. And of course, stay tuned for next week updates!

All support is appreciated and the community’s enthusiasm has been overwhelmingly positive. I can’t thank you enough for all the messages.

Let me know what you think about the kits and what tweaks you’d like to see.ย 


Mission Controlย ๐Ÿš€