Release Date: March, 2017

Specs: Cherry Corp profile 2shot

Platform: TBD

Status:  Gathering community feedback and arranging details with manufacturer

Joyland - Kit

Let’s have some fun! Inspired by the iconic entrance sign of the Joyland Amusement Park, cotton candy, carousels and sweet childhood memories, I came up with this idea for a new project for a keycap set. The Joyland Park had some beautiful rides and attractions, it’s a shame that it closed after 55 years in operation. Until 2004 it used to be a spooky ghost town, the perfect scenario for a bizarro circus settlement. This keycap set is meant to celebrate the fun times with muted colors and an affordable price tag. Hope you enjoy it.

Included Keycaps

The monokit is designed to be affordable as an entry level keycap Cherry profile ABS doubleshot keycap set. The current iteration covers the majority of ANSI MX stem mechanical keyboard’s layouts. Given the manufacturer limitations, international options are not available yet. With the current kit, it is possible to cover practically any 60% in the market, the Leopold FC660M and 65%/75% variants (Whitefox, TADA68, M65-A) , TKLs, 1800 layouts and numpad boards (such as the ZZ96, RS96, Leopold FC980M or the Duck Lightsaber). Thanks Wonka for this list.

The 40% family is currently not covered, but it could be covered with blanks if there’s some interest in that. Same for the Planck and ErgoDox. If you have a 40% layout, a Planck or an ErgoDox, please vote in the following poll so I can gather interest regarding a kit for these layouts!

Mind you, this is an initial sketch for the project and I’d love to gather feedback about the design. Due to manufacturing limitations, it is impossible to offer novelty icons right now. I added an option to the poll, so if there’s interest I’ll try to add support.

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TKL - 000

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RAMA.WORKS M65-A vs Joyland

TKL - 02

TKL - 04

TKL - 01

TKL - 03

Mech27 vs Joyland