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Essential to every Cherry MX mechanical keyboard, there are three different options to choose from.

Number monolegends are included for a minimal look.


Base Modifiers





For the Apollo colorscheme, there is a regular legends kit and novelty/iconography counterparts to choose from. As for the Ares kits, novelty and iconography are also available. All Base Modifiers include extra 2u SHIFT, extra 2.25u SHIFT and a center stem CAPS LOCK in order to fully cover standard layout 60% or Tenkeyless keyboards, including the XD60 and the Leopold Cherry MX models.


Tsangan Modifiers





Covering both the boring/novelty versions of the Apollo colorscheme, together with the Ares novelty/iconography, these kits are meant to cover non-standard 60%, Tenkeyless, 96% and 100% keyboards. There are appropriate non-standard add-ons to complement different bottom rows and off-center CAPS LOCK mounts. The correspondent Base Modifiers kit and prefered Alphas must be included as well, for complete coverage of a non-standard keyboard.


40s Modifiers





This kit was improved since the Godspeed XDA keycap set interest check went live. In order to cover the majority of 40% keyboards such as JD40, JD45, Minorca, MiniVan, Sebright, Quark, Mobik, MechMini, MechMini 2 and various others this kit plus your preferred Alphas are enough. The Cadet 40s kit can virtually cover any 40% keyboard. For those who don’t mind novelty legends or prefer iconography references, the appropriate kits are available as well on both Apollo and Ares colorschemes.


Ortho Modifiers





Once again, the Ortho Modifiers standalone kits are available to properly cover non-staggered keyboards, such as the Planck and Preonic for example. The appropriate kits are available on both Apollo and Ares colorschemes featuring regular legends, novelty legends and the iconography convention. The 1u spacebars are convex, just like the 2u. Unlike Tsangan Modifiers and 40s Modifiers, the Ortho Modifiers kits are standalone kits, which mean they only require Alphas to completely cover a keyboard. No Base Modifiers are required.


Ergo Modifiers





Full size keyboards such as FilcoRazer, Cooler Master and Corsair will benefit from these kits. Standalone number pad users as well. These add-ons are enough to complete a number pad when combined with the desired Alphas kit. Available on both Apollo and Ares colorschemes.







Appropriately colored ISO keycaps, to complete the UK and Norde layouts.


International Kits





All three Alphas variations are available, as these keycaps provide proper coverage for the United Kingdom, Nordic, German and some European mechanical keyboard layouts.







Simply minimal, this is an add-on kit featuring punctuation symbols so a monolegend look can be achieved. Available as a single kit covering the three Alphas’ variation.


Probe Dishes





Deep dish homing/reference keycaps for both Dvorak/Colemak layouts. F and J are already inlcluded in all three Alphas’ kit.







Appropriately colored F5-F8 keycaps, matching both modifiers’ colorschemes for an alternate look.


Symm Kit





Appropriately colored accents matching both modifiers’ colorschemes for the sole purpose of achieving symmetry.







The original Godspeed SA novelties, now featuring the logo on both colorschemes. Panic buttons and ROLL, PITCH, YAW commands are also included, together with the classic ABORT, MAL and GODSPEED keycaps.







Hand designed astronaut novelty logos, applied on color coordinated keycaps as a tribute to the Apollo 11 crew and the protagonist character played by Matt Damon on The Martian fictional story/movie.




Milky Way





Hand designed planetary, celestial bodies and space paraphernalia novelty logos, applied on color coordinated keycaps as a tribute to the Solar System and NASA research. There are 13 keycaps – enough to completely cover Esc + Function Row on 75%, Tenkeyless, 96% and 100% keyboards or replace the entire Number Row on 60% keyboards. This kit can also be used as a whole set of modifiers on some mini keyboards. The designs cover the nine planets that orbitate the Solar System, the Sun, the Moon, the Halley’s Comet and the Voyager I probe.












Color coordinated 1u, 1.25u, 1.5u, 1.75u, 2u convex and 2.25u blanks to complete unorthodox layouts and decorate the keyboard.






Extra spacebar kits matching all colorschemes. Depending on the specific layout one of these kits may be required. All keycaps are convex!






Whο ϖatches τhe onξs whο ϖatch?


What typeface will be used for the dyesub process?

The exact one seen on the child kits and renders.

How thick are XDA PBT keycaps?

About 1.3mm thick.

Are the Godspeed XDA PBT and Godspeed SA keycaps interchangeable?

If you don’t mind using keycaps with completely different profiles at the same time, then yes.

Are the colors used on Godspeed XDA PBT the same ones used on Godspeed SA?

No, the colors are different as Godspeed XDA PBT is slightly more subtle/pale.

Merchandise & Comissions

From custom merchandising, sleeves, hand made artisan keycaps to stickers and other keyboard items, if you are interested in contributing with your talents and know-how, or using Godspeed visuals on other products please drop me a message ( – I would love to hear your ideas and help you bring your vision to reality. Perhaps we can work together!

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