The Rush colorway from MiTo DSA: Legacy is not Laser DSA

Laser GMK – Picture by Dasorevie

As the title suggests, the Rush colorway from MiTo DSA: Legacy isn’t the same as Laser GMK/SA. In other words, the Rush DSA keycap set is not Laser DSA. One may somehow end up thinking it is, but it is not. The colors are not the same and the inspiration behind these projects is also not the same.

If a friend of yours invites you to his home so he can show you his brand new Anne Pro 2 (Cherry MX Blues) with Laser DSA on it, you will be disappointed. Not because the keycaps look mediocre, they can arguably look that way depending on your personal taste. But you’ll be disappointed because the keycap set won’t be what you initially thought (Laser DSA). Who knows, maybe you are a sucker for DSA and wanted to see this “rare” edition of Laser. Perhaps you like Laser so much that trying it on DSA profile wouldn’t hurt. Despite your friend best intentions, in the end you will be disappointed.

In case this happens to you, your friend was either trying lure you to his home so you could have an enjoyable conversation about mechanical keyboards or he was tricked by somebody else – maybe somebody from Discord with second intentions, maybe a sketchy seller from /r/MechMarket or perhaps by his own eyes – into thinking that Rush DSA is Laser DSA. But as somebody who worked entirely alone in the conception of these projects, I can guarantee you that it is not.

In the event of the reader of this post still being doubtful, I present you a comparison picture displaying clearly, side by side, that Rush DSA is not Laser DSA.


Note that the color shades isn’t the same, the distribution of colors isn’t the same and even the theme is not the same. Briefly speaking, Laser is a cyberpunk/outrun inspired project whilst the entire MiTo DSA series (Legacy/Rush included) is inspired after Counter Strike weapons. Granted, one could argue that because these designs display cyan, purple and pink, all at the same time, then consequentially they are the same. But this is false and I can prove it with football.


If you observe the uniforms worn by both Brazilians’ and Australians’ national teams, you’ll be able to see a similar illusion (Rush versus Laser) taking place. Note that both selections sport the iconic green and yellow colors as their uniform colors. This doesn’t, however, automatically qualifies these both teams as being the same. Mostly because you don’t see football fans calling the Australia football team the one and only five times world champion. Never once in my life I have heard of Australians being made fun of because their national team got eliminated from the World Cup by a score of 7-1. In their home turf. Analogously, I can’t recall a single time people came to Brazil excited for seeing a kangaroo in real life for the first time.

In conclusion, I think it is now clear for everyone that the Rush colorway that was offered in the MiTo DSA: Legacy keycap set drop isn’t actually Laser in the DSA form. I hope this makes it clear once and for all that these two projects aren’t the same and if by chance you encounter anyone who thinks otherwise you can show him or her this post for clarification.

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Pulse GMK drop is live!


Just a heads up that the drop for the Pulse GMK keycap set is now live!

In case you are interested in the project, be sure to join as soon as possible so we can all enjoy great discounts!


Useful links below:

Some people inquired about custom deskmats, those are in development and my plan is to offer those once the keycap set ships – stay tuned for that either through my website or Instagram page!

Kind regards,

M 🦄



Laser SA pre-order ends today & PSA!


Just a reminder that the Laser SA drop is closing today, so hurry up and place your order if you haven’t already!

⚠️If you use PayPal and you changed kits during the drop, please cancel your initial order entirely and place a new one with the desired final kits. Make sure all kits you want have been added to your cart because all orders are final. Once the drop closes, nothing can be added or removed from your order.⚠️

In case you want to join the drop you can refer to the links below:BUYRENDERS

The Laser Season is in full force, we even have a custom made keyboard!


Stay tuned in my Instagram for more news, announcements and updates. As always thank you very much for the support and if you have any questions please go ahead and drop me a line!

See (many of) you soon! 👀


Laser SA – Meet the Obnet Kit!

The Obnet kit:

What could be more suitable to Cyberpunk themed keycaps other than programming & coding modifiers? That’s right, for the upcoming Laser SA keyset drop we are gonna be having our very own version of the “Git” modifiers created by this legend and great friend of mine Stephan aka Oblotzky.

24 - obnet

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The Reasoning:

Because of the Cyberpunk framework we have as the structure of this keycap set, I thought it would be very interesting if we had modifiers that could represent something very meaningful.

For the Godspeed (NASA themed) project of mine, the idea is that the community could use their imagination with the STAGE, HARD OVER, ROLL, PITCH, YAW, etc. modifiers and simulate/imagine that their keyboards were part of the Apollo Guidance Computer. And from the responses and overall feedback I received, everyone loved those!

For the Laser SA project, my idea is that modifiers such as STATUS, CLONE, CHECKOUT, COMMIT, LOG, etc. could represent a terminal operated by the Cyberpunk fictional character I have created – a robot named M170, in his little Keyboards & Cyberdecks Supplies shack. A little obscure shop that exists in this wild digital environment!

mito-laser-animated-1080p.gif (1186×667)

Inspiration for the M170 came mostly from the character named Victor from the Fallout New Vegas videogame. I just think it is a nice thing to express creativity and tie together various elements from the things we love into one meaningful and bigger project.

Final thoughts:

As the drop approaches (and please go ahead and vote for the drop) I still have one more surprise kit for you guys and girls in the works. I am pretty excited about this one and the reveal is gonna happen very soon, as I am ironing out the final details. Stay tuned!


Laser SA – Help me tweak the kits!



It is with plenty of joy that I would like to announce the interest check for the Laser SA keycap set! I have been working on this project for a while and now I need your feedback to tweak and fine tune the child kits further. Please head over to the webpages below and let me know your thoughts!


Hope you enjoy it!

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Canvas XDA R3 – Final kits, ready to drop!


It’s finally time to release the most anticipated Canvas XDA – Round 3! After gathering feedback from all the previous rounds, from multiple sources, I’ve done some filtering and without further ado here’s the kits from previous rounds that I’ve tweaked.

Asset 30


  • Expanded Bauhaus coverage, including Vortexgear’s Race 3;
  • Expanded UK/Norde modifiers & colors possibilities, now compatible with Micons;
  • Updated the Haus kit so customers from previous rounds can grab homing as well;
  • Implemented support for 1.25u arrow cluster;
  • Expanded ISO coverage for the Monokits (Wolgang/Manfred).

Asset 31

Asset 32

This is pretty much it, stay tuned for the drop and upcoming collaborations! I hope you’re excited, thank you very much for the support and for checking the Canvas project.



Canvas XDA Round 3 – Coming soon!


The Canvas XDA keycaps are making a come back as I’m gearing up for the 3rd round! Due to overwhelming community support and constant requests, the project is going live on Massdrop soon. The classic kits are all included and they are all retroactively compatible with the Round 1 and Round 2 drops. If for some reason you missed a particular kit you’ll have the chance to grab it again!

Without further ado:

asset 26

Asset 27.png

Asset 29.png

Thank you very much for checking this out, I hope you are excited! I’m gonna be working on nice collaborations and updates coming next. If you have any feedback you’d like to share please submit below or join the Massdrop Discussion Tab!



2018 Retrospective & Happy New Year fam!

2019 Happy New Year background. Seasonal greeting card template.

The retrospective:

  • Laser GMK & Laser ALT

In late 2017 I finally launched the Laser GMK keycaps and what an incredible project it was for me. From the community interactions, all the way to the delivery of the keycaps during 2018, it was amazing. New kits, new molds, new technologies, there were so many challenges to overcome. The communication barrier, over 30 rounds of sampling, a fully written and illustrated short story, special clothing, several collaborations with I don’t even know how many community members and ultimately a trip to Germany so I could personally work on the colors and legends! I wish I could live this journey again and again… It was worth every minute. Coming 2019, I think it’s time to take the Laser keycaps to new heights.

There was the Laser ALT mechanical keyboard as well, it’s so cute! We developed this low profile fully hot swappable board in two colors, Purple Dusk and Pink Dawn. I also included a specially tailored Laser GMK keycap set especially for it – quite a steal!


  • Pulse SA Round 3 & Pulse High Pro CTRL

I launched the Pulse SA R3 by March and we wrapped it up by October, not too shabby for a spherical double shot project made in America. A heck ton of new molds, new intelligent, versatile and affordable kits! It was also a great opportunity to experiment with colors even more. The monokit “Mitolet” featuring a customized color recipe was a great success! I’m gonna be launching something very special for the Pulse in 2019, some stuff I have been working for a very long time including a rebrand. I also had the chance to work on the amazing CTRL project with Massdrop, we made a fully customized high profile Pulse keyboard!


  • Canvas XDA Round 2 and Canvas CTRL

Another round of the Canvas XDA, this one had to be done! More challenges to overcome, creating a dye sublimated keycap set is considerably more difficult than simply submitting colors for an ABS double shot project. In my opinion, creating an ABS keycap set can be very simple and straightforward since overall, the molds already exist. The focus can be directed to kit consistency, legends selection and colors. But when it comes to dye sublimation, it’s a whole new level. It is crucial to have crisp and clean legends, aligned templates, character by character! Hundreds of files, hundreds of samples and a lot of work to do! There will be new Canvas projects very soon.

Just like the Laser and Pulse projects, there was also a very special keyboard tailored especially for the Canvas keycaps – the low profile powder coated Canvas CTRL.

WmCptJBnQDmuGP4GpUiA_AI7B2637 copy

  • Godspeed MT3

The preorders for this one closed today and it was an incredible ride! Four different alphanumerical options, dual color way and icon variants were available. Coming from Godspeed SA and XDA, I am confident this will be the greatest version of Godspeed, at least for now! Wouldn’t be possible to offer this project without the overwhelming passion, support and enthusiasm from our community. If you are reading this, be sure this project happened because of people like you, and I can’t thank enough for that!


Happy New Year!

It is time to conclude one of the best years I have experienced, if not the best, and I would like to thank the entire mechanical keyboard community for being a part of my year and my life. The year of 2018 was an year of joy and evolution and I learned so many things. I learned a lot on a personal, human being level and also inside the hobby of mechanical keyboards. New skills, new methods and new challenges. I can’t wait to get things going for 2019, there are multiple exciting projects in the works! Keycaps, keyboards, and of course… 🤐

Talk to you soon, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!