Laser SA – Last update for Cyberdeck/Gaijin owners!

Gaijin Update –

Production for Gaijin is wrapping up as the final delay was caused by this mold which was missing:

All Gaijin kits will be sent from Siganture Plastics to Drop’s warehouse by the end of this week (Feb 23rd to Saturday 29th, 2020). Drop will then ship immediately unless you also ordered Cyberdeck.

Cyberdeck Update –

The Cyberdeck kits suffered from a secondary delay due to these unacceptable molds:

I also confirmed manufacturing of these last couple of molds, which were previously delayed by Signature Plastics:

Current estimate for Cyberdeck completion and shipping from Signature Plastics facility is March 16th. Drop will then receive/ship the kits.

I would like to thank you again for the support and patience so far. When you sign up for a project of my authorship you can rest assured that I will always work as hard as possible, without compromises. I will always do whatever it takes to deliver the best.

The wait is almost over!



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