Laser SA – Update for Cyberdeck/Gaijin owners!

By now you are already well aware of the delays that happened with these two kits, which suck.

But on a positive side, rest assured that manufacturing of everyone’s keycaps based on my new mold designs is already approved. The molds match the renders for Cyberdeck/Gaijin very closely, if not perfect, like they should have been from the beginning.

Previously, as some of you already know, Signature Plastics have manufactured our kits using unacceptable Filco molds. I have no clue why they went ahead and did this, spending lots of time and resources, but I was very disappointed.

Production is moving in full force and I hope to get these kits delivered quickly. Very soon the ones affected will be able to enjoy Laser as much as the rest of the participants!

Thank you very much for your patience and support, you are appreciated.

PS – For those unaware, I recently created my very own Discord server in which we are frequently discussing projects, ways to improve them, new designs and production updates. Feel free to join and invite your friends as well, if you enjoy keyboards I think you’ll have a nice time hanging out with us!

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