Canvas XDA R3 – Final kits, ready to drop!


It’s finally time to release the most anticipated Canvas XDA – Round 3! After gathering feedback from all the previous rounds, from multiple sources, I’ve done some filtering and without further ado here’s the kits from previous rounds that I’ve tweaked.

Asset 30


  • Expanded Bauhaus coverage, including Vortexgear’s Race 3;
  • Expanded UK/Norde modifiers & colors possibilities, now compatible with Micons;
  • Updated the Haus kit so customers from previous rounds can grab homing as well;
  • Implemented support for 1.25u arrow cluster;
  • Expanded ISO coverage for the Monokits (Wolgang/Manfred).

Asset 31

Asset 32

This is pretty much it, stay tuned for the drop and upcoming collaborations! I hope you’re excited, thank you very much for the support and for checking the Canvas project.



2 thoughts on “Canvas XDA R3 – Final kits, ready to drop!

  1. Hello, I am interested in getting a set for me leopold fc660m ISO White. I’m looking for the Micons color modifiers and the Betas text but I do not know how to buy the right combination taking into account the arrows, the right shift, etc … Help!


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