Godspeed PBT/MT3 – All systems go, 12h to touchdown!

Catching dust!

Just a heads up to all the fellow enthusiasts, the Godspeed PBT MT3 keycap set preorders’ window is closing in ~12 hours. All kits are getting made regardless of the number of unities sold.


If you haven’t joined yet go ahead and double check your kits, payment information and place your order! After the window closes it won’t be possible to change or place any orders. We gonna be updating the price sheet with the discount tiers accordingly so stay tuned to the drop page!

MRMK - POrender_gallery_main

Ares - Closing Day

Thank you very much for the incredible and overwhelming support, it was a terrific run. We are working hard to deliver the keycaps and I hope you have heaps of fun once they come!

Good luck and Godspeed,


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