Godspeed PBT MT3 Keyset – Last week to preorder!

CAPCOM to Eagle I, do you copy?!

This month I launched the Godspeed PBT MT3 custom keycap set on Massdrop and the project has been very well received by our community! I am confident this is going to be the greatest version of Godspeed yet, there are so many combinations and exclusive kits available.



Some takeaways:

  • 2 kits or less to cover nearly any keyboard
  • The 1st full glow in the dark custom keyset kit ever made is available
  • Latin, Runes, Japanese and Russian keycaps up for grabs
  • Apollo/Ares Micons kit will work with ortholinear boards like the Planck
  • Lots of ISO options
  • At least 16 different styles are achievable before adding any novelties
  • Shipping June 19, hopefully sooner


Current numbers – last updated Dec. 21st:

Note that there are not MOQs, only ideal quantities so we can fulfill the orders more easily and efficiently. That said, don’t be afraid to add a particular kit to your order, it is almost guaranteed that all kits will be manufactured and delivered ultimately. In case a disaster happens, there will be a window for everyone to adjust their orders accordingly.

Thank you very much for checking this update and for supporting the projects. I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Keeb on,



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