Pulse Mechanical Keyboard – Preorders closing now!


Fellow enthusiasts!

Earlier this month I debuted my first custom made high profile tenkeyless mechanical keyboard through the Massdrop platform – the Pulse High Pro CTRL!



  • Almost 4.5 lbs (2 kg) heavy – premium CNC anodized aluminum frames;
  • 6 degrees inclination;
  • Fully programmable via QMK;
  • RGB and per key backlighting;
  • Hot swappable (no soldering required whatsoever);
  • Cherry style plate mount stabilizers;
  • Dual USB-C connection;
  • Compatible with all MX switches and clones.


  • $199.99 barebones (no switches, no keycaps);
  • $221.99 with Kailh Box White or Speed Silver switches;
  • $239.99 with Halo Clear/True switches;
  • Three variations of exclusive Pulse SA keyset to pick from, for an extra $130.


This beast is gonna ship a year from now and I think it’s a steal for what it is.

Hope you enjoy the Pulse mechanical keyboard!

Keeb on,


PS: Have you seen Godspeed PBT MT3?

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