MiTo’s Updates #8

Godspeed XDA

Ares scheme preview, shipping now & nitpick replacements

In my latest update I featured the first pictures of the Godspeed XDA keycap set, a group buy that happened by the end of 2017. However, the update didn’t showcase the Ares color scheme because I haven’t been able to capture it on camera until very recently.

This orange color is very hard to capture on camera and it looks very beautiful and adequate to the space theme in real life. If I could describe the color with words I’d say that it looks like an earthy/iron orange, like the landscapes from Mars. It is not a vibrant, saturated and bright orange nor a brick red tone. After 8 sampling attempts I finally achieved the unique burnt aspect and tone I was looking for.

I couldn’t perfectly capture or adjust the color despite trying various photography settings. The pictures were shot under natural lighting conditions, during a cloudy day, with a phone camera.

Without further ado, make sure to check the pictures below – you’ll be able to see a “simulation” of the color scheme on a mini keyboard, combining theoretical Ares Modifiers with Solar Alphas, plus a Supernova ENTER keycap, represented by the £3 keycap.

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eight sampling steps, orange #9 (final) isn’t pictured here (see slideshow above)

The keycap set kits started shipping last week but a few customers will experience very minor issues with two icons and a some Nordic glyphs. The designs were already fixed, replacements are being manufactured and corrected keycaps will be sent to all participants for free.

the ALT icon came slightly thicker than the rest of the icons
the circular element must be centered, not the whole graphic
the symbols (and these only) circled in red came slightly thinner than they should be
Ö, Ü and Ä are slightly misaligned as the actual letter must be centered, not the accent

Legacy DSA

Rush color scheme delayed, adjusted samples incoming

In his latest drop updateYanbo Wu alerted all participants that the initial purple and pink color samples featured in the Rush color scheme aren’t up to my standards, hence it’s delayed. The first two sampling batches were negative but several others are already taking place. Below you’ll be able to see some of the rejected samples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Given this occasion I’d like to apologize to the community for this delay and reassure that I will keep working hard in order to deliver exactly what you’re hoping for. We are communicating and working closely in order to sync all parts involved so we can achieve the quality envisioned.
When you participate in drops where I’m involved there’s a high degree of trust, about my judgement regarding colors, legends, finish and overall quality of the keycap sets. These standards haven’t changed and never will, as new drops are being offered, new lessons are being learned. As I pursue new designing routes and more exciting techniques, new challenges will come. The patience and support from the community mean a lot and it really pushes me forward.
It’s very disappointing to delay the anticipation for brand new keycaps and I apologize for that. But rest assured – delivery has been delayed because I think you deserve (much) better colors then the samples above and I’m working on that.
I hope you understand, new samples will be coming my way soon and I will make sure to communicate updates both here and in the drop discussion too.
Thank you very much for the enthusiasm and support, we will speak again soon!
Keeb on,

4 thoughts on “MiTo’s Updates #8

  1. Thanks for the update. Can you offer any honest insight into whether or not these Godspeed XDAs will see a second run, or are we doomed to scouring collector prices on /mechmarket?


      1. I’s so happy to hear it might drop again! Hopefully I can snag the Ares kit then, I love the colours more than the Apollo colouration.

        Do you know if Massdrop will do another re-cap and include extra Godspeed XDA kits? I’ve fallen in love with your work since I got some Canvas kits from the previous re-cap!


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