MiTo’s Updates #7

Godspeed XDA

By the end of 2016 the Godspeed SA keycap set pre-orders took place and the project was a huge success. The cream and blue acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) spherical keycaps look and feel oddly modern, like a retro space terminal from NASA’s Apollo Program facilities.

The opinion on spherical (SA) keycaps vastly differ in the mechanical keyboard communities. A considerable portion of members dislike typing on contoured keycaps, which resemble vintage typewriters and industrial terminals from the past. In order to offer the keycap set in identical design, but different contour, I put together the Cockpit – featuring a sculpt kit.

However, while debuting the XDA profile with Canvas I noticed there was potential for another iteration of Godspeed not to mimic it’s colors in another profile, but to offer something new. This time, I aimed to deliver equally nice looking keycaps not only shorter in height, but in polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) material. Me and Massdrop prototyped and sampled the keycap set in order to verify if it was possible to deliver the vision. We were pleased with the result and after a successful interest gauge phase we opened for pre-orders!

Several rounds of prototypes and color batches took place, legends and typeface were adjusted and repositioned a couple times. To put in perspective, over 30 rounds of color sampling and refining took place. That was crucial, so we could deliver this exclusive product in it’s highest possible quality for our community.

With the approach of the established delivery date, I’d like to officially announce that production is on track and no delays are expected. To ease the longtime wait, I put together some pictures displaying crucial features of the keycap set in a beautiful Vortexgear Core 40% keyboard.

Enjoy the sneak peek below – you’ll be able to find pictures of several novelties, modifiers, alphas, layouts and the iconography too. Color correction didn’t take place whatsoever and the photos were shot nearby a window on a cloudy day, with a smartphone camera. You’ll be able to see the Solar, Supernova and Apollo colorways in action. As for the Ares colorway, I didn’t have a chance to picture it yet but once I have the chance I’m going to release a sneak peek too.




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I’d like to thank the entire mechanical keyboard community for the support and enthusiasm regarding the keycap set projects I push forward. It is an immense honor and pleasure for me to engage with thousands of people and dive deep in this hobby. I really appreciate the support and hope everyone receive their kits soon!

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And while you’re here, did you visit the Laser Shoppo today?

New things are coming every week or so and another ultra rad Laser GMK collab is incoming!

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5 thoughts on “MiTo’s Updates #7

  1. Hello Mito, you mentioned there will be another “ultra rad Laser GMK collab”, does that mean the GMK laser will drop again?
    Thank you.


  2. Will this set ever be up for sale again? They look amazing and I love your XDA profile, but unfortunately missed the group buy.

    Thank you!!


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