MiTo’s Updates #5

Canvas XDA

In the past couple of days I received the parcel from the Canvas XDA manufacturer containing the kits offered in the group buy with reviewed and adjusted legends. I took my time to carefully inspect each and every keycap, taking notes, measuring the strokes and lines with a scale meter and inspecting the prints which were the result of dye sublimation process on PBT plastic.

The numbers I obtained were satisfactory and precise upon comparison with the original files designed by me and the manufacturer. Some very minor adjustments and corrections were requested regarding overall quality control and printing procedures. I provided both Massdrop and the manufacturer with a lengthy official report containing instructions and feedback so we can deliver a pristine product to the customers!

Therefore, me and Massdrop authorized the manufacturer to go ahead and produce the group buy order on totality – it’s going to take 50 business days for manufacturing conclusion and the kits should be shipping to customers by late October.

I put together a prototype case with some switches installed in it to hold keycaps in place, and shoot some photographs to give enthusiasts an idea about what the official Canvas XDA keycap set will look like. Bear in mind the following photos were shot using a mobile camera and no color correction took place what so ever. The legends are crispy clean and sharp looking in real life but unfortunately my camera couldn’t fully capture that and presented some aberration. I tried to counter that by using a magnifying glass, aiming for closeup pictures.

The thumbnails below are a bit messed, please click on the photos for proper resolution display.

Alphas + Text Modifiers -> please click to expand


Official Batch installed vs First Batch on top -> please click to expand


Magnifying Glass Closeups -> please click to expand


Magnifying Glass – W keycap from the first batch -> please click to expand


Alphas + Bauhaus Grey/Beige + RGB -> please click to expand


Alphas + Bauhaus Grey/Beige + O -> please click to expand


Alphas + Icon Mods -> please click to expand


Betas + Icon Mods -> please click to expand


Dieter Rams + Icon Mods + Mono (sorry for the shaky hands) -> please click to expand

The improvement from the first batch is remarkably noticeable and working with this manufacturer was amazing. The legends came out sharp as I envisioned and the entire keycap set is very calm, aesthetic and pleasing to look at in real life. I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the group buy supporters for the patience and contribution to the discussion and I apologize for the delay. This project wouldn’t come to fruition without your support, so thank you very much for sticking with us!

Hope you enjoy the keycaps once they find your way!

Keeb on,


45 thoughts on “MiTo’s Updates #5

  1. Damn! Now I want Alphas as well!! Wasn’t convinced by the renders, but dem Alphas look so good!

    Any plans for a follow up group buy? ;D


      1. Yesssss Godspeed XDA!!!!! This is the greatest news ever! Thank you Mito! You’re the best. I can’t wait! Keep doing you and take all the time you can to make sure things are up to your high standards.


      2. Oh hell yes, Godspeed XDAs!!! That’s amazing news Mito, you are the best. Keep up the amazing work and dont drop your high standards. Delays will always be better than inferior products. Best news, lets go! Any idea on “soon” gotta give the bank a heads up haha….


      3. could you please tell me the Icon Mods ‘color in godspeed is common the canvas or not.?I want to buy it to match my Dieter Rams,thanks.


      4. For now, the blue/beige/yellow from Canvas will be used for Godspeed. However, we are already working on sampling so nothing is final yet.


  2. Damn! Now I want Alphas as well!! Wasn’t convinced by the renders, but dem Alphas look so good!

    Any plans for a follow up group buy? ;D


  3. Yet another set I’m already kicking myself for getting in on… Looks great with the revised legends! Much sharper & crisper than the original samples.


    1. Hey Rob, thank you very much for coming by! We’ll be doing Godspeed on XDA if that helps, but I’m not entirely sure you’d be interested in getting that one. In any case, thanks a lot for the supports and enthusiasm!


  4. Great job, these key caps look fantastic ! I had no doubt you would be able to work this out ! Looking forward to when these arrive.


    1. Thank you for your patience and the incredible support. The project wouldn’t exist without people like you so thank you for sticking with us! Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy the keycaps!


  5. Hi there,
    Just came across this and it’s the best design I’ve ever seen.

    Reading your replies to others: why is it that you cannot take any new orders, especially as production hasn’t begun yet? Sounds like a missed opportunity for massdrop?


    1. Production is at full steam and should conclude soon, the purchase order was already placed. The keycap sets I work on are sold via group buys! Thank you very much for the kind words, I appreciate your enthusiasm. Stay close so you won’t miss the next one!


  6. Hi there,

    I just came across these and I can’t explain how much I like them.

    Reading your replies to others: why can’t you take new orders, especially since production hasn’t started yet? Surely a missed opportunity for yourself and massdrop?


  7. Hello MiTo,

    I tried reaching out to you on massdrop with this question:

    Are there any plans for XDA Canvas to drop again at some point in the future? Basic alphas and text are truly lovely; I don’t even use artisans with mine because the set looks so good alone! I never thought that could happen with a keyset, and it gives me high hopes for Laser. I’d really like to expand on my Canvas options with some of the icons sets and runes, so knowing a drop will happen later on will give me something to look forward to.


      1. Awesome. I have been scouring mechmarket like a madman, but the colorful ortholinear sets I am looking for are painfully rare. Knowing a future drop or group buy is in the works makes the search less desperate.


      1. Thank you! Go ahead, use them 🙂 Canvas was a brave and lovely creation. It’s my first set in the hobby and I couldn’t be any happier


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